Data Center towards Cloud Technology

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The movement of data centers in the direction of high-level services in mature markets began long ago, so that the path is clear for the data centers

But the clouds have to cook and infrastructure of data centers and their operating system and specific applications for customers, says marketing manager for IT services Anatomy.


What, in your opinion, are determined over the last year or two changes solutions on the market for data centers?

They are related to the need to support the four major trends of IT development – mobility, social networking, Big digital ocean review. Moreover, the central core element of all of these trends are cloud services, because the cloud and are built mobile applications and solutions for social networks and Big Data. These cloud-based services to a large extent dictate the major trends in the organization of modern data centers that are trying to adjust to the possibility of placing them in a cloud infrastructure. That is, they must support the ability to install racks with power of tens of kilowatts, high utilization of computing resources, flexible centralized management, the ability to share resources between multiple users, etc. In addition, the data center is now highly relevant are issues of security and disaster recovery solutions, as well as the ability to support specialized information systems for businesses, which are supplied with the hardware platform (usually CRM and database).


How in the data center developed infrastructure management automation system?

Choice of automation systems usually occurs at the stage of designing a data center, and if they were not originally designed, then, as experience shows, they will not be there. Most data centers after commissioning do not modify or upgraded. The new data center, which position themselves as premium-class automation with a full order: physical access systems use biometric technology, is monitored all the parameters of the infrastructure in real-time, etc.


What are the services of data centers are currently the highest in demand, and which can become leaders in the near future?

datacenter_0Of course, the leading service today and on the next service is the organization of popular communication channels, including the construction of disaster recovery solutions by combining multiple data centers into a network. Among those services that are actively gaining popularity, it is worth noting IaaS-services. However, the popularity of these services is too early to say, as is often the provider does not give any information about the performance of the acquired in this way infrastructure and the reliability of its work. Good prospects also have SaaS-service to provide business applications from the cloud: high demand from corporate users of CRM-system use required practically any business collaboration tools and virtual desktops VDI tables. In addition the vast majority of customers interested in solutions for enterprise data backup, however large companies prefer to implement these services in a private cloud, and service providers are turning to small and medium-sized customers, for whom the use of external cloud is a means of minimizing costs, and the image component of business. In any case, none start working in the IT sector, is building its own infrastructure, all use cloud services.


How, in your opinion, the policy providers will vary in relation to changes in the range of services provided by data centers?

Without a doubt, all data centers are in one way or another to build cloud services make up its portfolio. First of all, we should expect an increase in offer IaaS-like services in the simplest implementations for data center providers. But they will be for a maximum utilization of its infrastructure is likely to offer and a specific set of SaaS-service.

In principle, this process of turning data centers toward cloud has already begun: they do even those data centers that initially positioned itself as a platform for collocation. With proper organization of business processes to provide virtual machines for a provider is much more profitable than renting out the raised floor.


How modern IaaS-services adapted to the needs of specific companies?

Business development of almost any modern company requires proper IT support, and it will be most effective when using cloud services. However, with the choice of suitable cloud solutions typically arise many questions.

Every organization, their demands and problems, so one size fits all best IaaS-solutions can not be. Any vendor understands what the company chosen IaaS-service must comply with the specifics of its work processes, the required levels of security and resiliency, legislative and restrictive regulations. That is why the market offers a fairly wide range of solutions, including the IaaS-services using cloud infrastructure corporate data center, dedicated cloud in commercial data centers, public cloud services, and any combination of these proposals. That is now possible for the customer to build a cloud of any shape, size and functionality.

Daily 4 Stage Skin Care for You

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Every woman tries to keep its charm, and each does so in its own way. But for some reason, not all are able to spend a few minutes on daily care of face. You can constantly experimenting with hairstyle; you can spend money on expensive clothes and make-up consultations. But neither elegant clothing, nor a skilled make-up and a new hairstyle will not return healthy appearance of your skin, young oval face and smooth out fine wrinkles, and in fact they treacherously give the woman’s age.

The first signs of aging of skin (wrinkles around the eyes, around the mouth, on the neck) often remain unnoticed by us. By the age of thirty appears anxiety and reluctance to acknowledge that takes its time. “We must do something!” – We say to ourselves, but often for some reason, put off “for later” taking care of your skin and recalls only when its color becomes dull, wrinkles deep, weakened skin droops not so clearly follows features, needs lifting . And we run to the beautician with the hope that he is a wizard, for a moment, we will return the youth and make us beautiful. Yes, beauticians have a lot, but it does not eliminate the need for daily home skin care. Skin Specialist in Dubai provides

you four stages:

Stage 1 – Cleansing

Clean the face and should be in the morning and evening. In the morning is preparing to face makeup application in the evening a night cream. Evening cleansing removes makeup residues, dirt lodged in the face during the day, cleaned the skin is ready to maximize the perception of night cream.

When washing any skin type is not recommended to use soap it’s too much decreasing it, after having dryness and irritation, soap too tightens the skin pores, cleaning them well enough. In addition, the soap it is an alkali, it disrupts the normal acidity of the skin, destroys the lipid (fat) of the skin barrier to reproduce pathogens.

The person should be cleaned using gels, mousses, cleansing milk. They almost did not violate the normal acidity of the skin, penetrate deep into the pores, is well dissolved solids cosmetics.

Stage 2 – Toning

After cleaning the face it is necessary to wipe the tonic (lotion). Toning – important aspect of daily care person for any type of skin, it should be done after each cleaning – twice a day, morning and evening. Misconception that tonic should be cleaned only oily skin, and the more the content of the alcohol therein the better. Even if the surface of the face is very oily, preference should be given to non-alcoholic tonic. The alcohol not only dries out normal and dry skin, but also enhances the activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin fat. Dry skin also should be treated with tonic after cleansing, with the only difference that the tonic should be selected specifically for this skin type.


  • Removes residues from the surface of the skin cleanser and makeup;
  • It moisturizes the skin, improves its tone;
  • It has a slight anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Normalizes the skin surface acidity;
  • Cleanses and tightens skin pores;
  • Prepares the skin for further care.

Stage 3 – Hydration and protection

Day cream applied in the morning or in the afternoon, as the make-up, and without it, about half an hour before going outside. It should not only be applied to the face, and neck.

The film, which arises on the skin after application of a day cream, a protective function, underneath the skin suffers less from the meteorological factors of the environment, dust and dirt. In addition, day cream prevents the evaporation of water from the skin, helps to maintain a sufficient level of its moisture.

The day cream usually contains various active ingredients. Depending on their content and ratio of different day creams are used for different skin types, at different times of the year. In the summer should apply day cream containing sunscreens – a substance reflecting or absorbing ultraviolet radiation. They will protect the face from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, which leads to of the skin.

Stage 4 – Power

In the evening, after cleansing and toning, use the night cream. Night creams are “nutrient” category. They are selected in accordance with the type and skin condition.

Night cream is applied 1-2 hours before bedtime; if it is not completely absorbed, the remains should be wet cloth. As is the case with day cream, it is applied not only to the face but also on the neck.

Never apply a nourishing cream on the areas around the eyes. Night creams are too fat, their composition and the consistency is too “heavy” for this delicate area.

All movements, both in cleansing, toning the face, and when applying the creams and masks should be made only in the direction of the lines of least skin stretching from the middle lines of the face to the ear shells. Wipe the face should only blot movements, without stretching the skin.

Helpful tips for practicing yoga

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Some tips given below for beginner yoga can provide substantial assistance in the organization of classes.

As the practice of yoga involves careful attention to what is happening to, it is recommended to do in place of mind and body, where there are no distractions from the process of training factors. If classes are held in the premises, it must be qualitatively aired.

If training is held outdoors, it is desirable in a place accessible to sunlight and where the wind speed is less than one meter per second. It is necessary to avoid places where drink alcohol, smoke, are idle talk. It is totally unacceptable in the presence of air smell of tobacco smoke, alcohol, distractions bright flavors.

Clothing should be made of natural materials, and loose enough so as not to hamper the movement.

If you allow the air temperature, it is desirable to carry out the practice of yoga in a swimsuit or trunks that do not pull together the body.

Before the start of classes is recommended to drink a small amount of water, empty the bladder and intestines as possible. The stomach should be almost empty.

It is advisable to start training a half or two hours after taking easily digestible food. If the meal was plentiful, it is better to practice an hour or four or five. Optimally yoga practice takes place on an empty stomach. If during class practitioner overcomes the feeling of hunger, you can drink a little milk.

If there is a natural desire to drink small amounts of water or empty the bladder and intestines, it is not necessary to force your body in the course of employment, as so is its natural cleansing.

During the entire running time of asana breathing should be free and natural. Forced to hold their breath (other than specific techniques) is not recommended.

Training surface must be horizontal, flat and solid. Rug or mat – dense, not too firm, but not quite soft, but thick enough to contact with the solid parts of the body with the floor surface does not experience discomfort. Useful tips for yoga may be a recommendation for Meditation Mantras.

Eat immediately after exercise is unacceptable, it should take a few tens of minutes, and it is better – more than an hour.

Before you start practice water or take a shower in the water a pleasant temperature – not too hot and not too cold.

Women in the first and second day of the menstrual cycle is not recommended to perform any exercise except soft, simple breathing techniques and shavasana . Prior to the complete cessation of discharge is strictly contraindicated inverted asanas and asanas with stress.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD NOT be violent to yourself and to your body.

The most correct approach is to regularly persistent attempts to gradually approach the preset positions, based on the commitment to eventually achieve the ideal of their performance. This approach is completely safe and will protect the practitioner from annoying injuries requiring subsequent recovery.

And, perhaps, the last recommendation is the constant pursuit of new knowledge

I hope these tips will be useful for your sadhana.

Modern designers and architects

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The market for design services design, interior design in simple terms, is quite large. Mass advertising with good pictures of interiors, many sites with calls to order high-quality interior design and even offers an integrated approach to the design, to the saturation of the interiors with the delivery of furniture, tiles, plumbing, interior decoration and construction services.


Let’s look at the concept of interior design and how to choose the order of artist who can really do what you want it!


First, I propose to learn to distinguish the profession of architect, designer specialty. We often confuse these concepts, but it is fundamentally not true.


In simple words, the contemporary architects are specialists in designing buildings and structures. Their education is sharpened in it. Architect well versed in weight structural design solutions, again for the design of buildings and structures. This is considered aerobatics in the professional environment of architects and designers.


Interior Design – is one of the branches of design aimed at comfort and beauty, in fact on the interaction of people with their environment.


Now imagine the situation that you have ordered your design project of an apartment or house, a professional architect! That is, city planner and designer!


Nobody cancels talented architects, who can create an interesting or unique interior design. Yet education prevails. Moreover, I was lucky enough to talk with a number of architects from simple, young and not experienced, to meters of architecture, and you know what touched me, they believe it is the architecture of top professionalism and design involved in either of necessity or at the request of their main customers in the architecture! Like this! Think about it.


What else distinguishes this profession because it is a thorough knowledge of the interior market, the market of furniture, wallpaper, wall coverings, tiles, sanitary ware, lights, carpets and curtains, a good designer in these matters must succeed.


Modern designers and architects – feel the difference!


Now about the choice of an interior designer, think about what you would like to receive as a result of your work together? This will determine your future searches. Let’s approach professional experienced architects in Dubai and customer fully trust him.


The customer wants to have a beautiful interior, for them that do not be expensive to enter and live, but look luxurious. However, Woman customer usually wants to get professional advice and to participate fully at all stages of the design project, including the choice of furniture. Moreover, woman will doubt, think better, compare everything and everywhere, compare the prices of all phases of the project, its competitors, online shopping and almost every aspect of project.


If you decide that you need a designer, look for experienced, with its extensive portfolio, with the knowledge of new products and trends in interior design industry. Do not hesitate to ask, if he was at the last exhibition in Milan, and if so, what impressed and that he had seen of the new products and who the manufacturer! This indicates the level and the desire to improve professionally and spend the money!


Check with the designer, what brands and brands of furniture and the world he knows and loves, and which wall coverings prefers and why, and what he knows about the floor, and it recommends, and how he proposes to perform sketches for drapes and on what tissue brands stay and why ?! You understand the essence of the approach? Convincing answers, followed by brands, commentaries and explanations, has been part of the professionalism!!! Add to that the recommendations of other customers for its services, and it is the base for the start of work.


Now choosing the style of your future interior how many difficulties in this regard, and do you know why? Each of us is any style on your way! A designer sees a style based on its understanding. Jointly, flipping through a lot of interior literature, to find common ground, draw, cut out and photograph all liked and hooks. This applies to everything from floor to ceiling, and everything in general. Then you decide with the style of your interior yourself and check your understanding of the designer.


Modern designers and architects how much are their services?


In the West, for a long time there was such a practice if you’re Super Star, you can call any price! If a specialist with a diploma, then the project can cost 10-15% of the value of the object sold!


The quality falls accordingly. Customer will be looking for a designer and pay him the minimum, it is a fact. What will the modern designers? Correctly, collect bonuses and kickbacks on all purchases the customer at his apartment! Output, choose yourself a specialist based on the above, be sure to simply indulge intuition and control the process, but do not tighten the creative impulse.

10 top tips for skin care and hair care

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I know a lot about taking care of them. The list of my recommendations can be infinite, but now I want to share with you the top 10 tips that I got from other people. These tips I have listened and have not regretted.

1) Do not apply eye cream on the eyelid and under the eyelid, but only on the orbital bone. It is enough: the cream penetrates where it is necessary, not pulling with our thin, “low fat” forever.

2) Is applied to the neck does not face cream and eye cream. The skin of the neck, as the skin of the eyelids, “low fat”: face cream for her heavy and pulls down.

3) Always use sunscreen and lipstick, being in the sun, and take the cream and lipstick, they find themselves in the shade or indoors. Do not sunbathe shading.

4) Long time and kept wash shampoo, conditioner, hair masks. Each means I wash off minutes 5. Shampoo does not just “erase” the hair on the principle of “struck, foam, washed away,” and it is good to wash the scalp, massage, removing all unnecessary from the surface of the head.

5) Do not “walk” at home with the mask on face. Masks – heavy substance, they pulled the skin down, when you are in an upright position. With the mask you need to lie down.

6) When we are looking for a tool that acts as a firming, in fact, our skin needs moisture. Look for tools that comprise a part of Shea butter, grape seed oil, cocoa butter and other moisturizing oils.

7) Apply body oil on wet skin: because it “seals” the moisture. I came out of the shower; I put or render butter, and only then towel.

8) Massage for the face evil, Any, Always. They stretch the skin.

9) Do not neglect the exfoliation. It is very important for 30+ skins. I do not like mechanical scrubs, use tonics that exfoliating the, like oxygen masks, gas-liquid peels.

10) Do not delay in thought the skin on the neck, do not rub the neck and, in general, as low as possible, touching the face and neck during the day.


For reasons that require visiting a dermatologist, the following conditions:

  • Pale or pronounced skin rashes;
  • Swelling of the skin, prolonged her itching;
  • Profuse warts, moles, and the rapid change in their sizes;
  • Peeling and redness of certain parts of the skin;
  • Inflamed or oozing skin;
  • Severe pimples or blackheads

It should be noted that the existing pathological conditions, which generally may be relevant to the skin, it is difficult to transfer overnight, because the appearance of any structures on the skin requires attention and action. If the cause is relevant to the patient’s pathology then it is a problem with the body’s internal, not external, experienced dermatologist in Dubai will be able to not only prescribe treatment, the corresponding problem, and send it to the required specialist.

Cloud is sitting on a cloud

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In just a few years, cloud storage curiosities for geeks have become massively used, and most importantly – affordable, services. This is supported by the fact that on the eve of Microsoft radically updated its service One Drive. Times decided to see what is offered by competitors, namely Google, and Dropbox.


Microsoft One Drive


But let’s start from the One Drive. Perhaps, it is the oldest in the list: the first cloud service from Microsoft one drive was launched back in 2007 and the first time there under the name Windows Live Folders. Soon, however, the service was renamed to Windows Live Sky Drive, and after a couple of years and just in Sky Drive.


Last name change occurred February 19, 2014, due to the fact that the British BSkyB sued for using the word Sky (Heaven) in the brand. After that, the service already was called One Drive.


In its current form the service syncs with the desktop Windows (e.g. deleted files are available from the basket). The latest version of Microsoft Office can be connected to the cloud, and save documents there. In addition, the integrated free One Drive Microsoft Office Online Web application, in its essence is to simplify Microsoft Office. It supports all the basic functions of the desktop version, but for example, a deep work on the formatting of the document is not necessary.


After you upgrade Microsoft tariff offers to all users 15 free gigabytes. Three can be obtained by download to your Smartphone / tablet client application and enable Instant Upload photos. Plus, for every friend you refer, you are given an additional 500 MB (total – 10 friends). Total free storage can reach 23 GB.


One Drive exists almost for all platforms; there is even a client for Blackberry Smartphone. Overboard were only Linux users, for whatever reason is not known.


Google Drive (Google Drive)


The main competitor of Microsoft in the IaaS market share of cloud services is certainly, Google Drive. FREE here given the same 15 GB of cloud space, and the 15 GB apply to all Google services on Gmail, and Google+, and so on the disc itself.


Google Drive also has its own application for working with documents: Google documents, able to create and edit text files, presentations and spreadsheets (all right, Word, PowerPoint and Excel). It is worth noting that Google, these applications work much better than Microsoft: on documents can simultaneously operate several people, and the changes are visible instantly.


Perhaps the biggest cloud services for a longtime in the market, now Dropbox of course as a little their position due to the development of competition. However, despite this service still remains one of the most popular.


Basic Dropbox – is 2 GB. Yes, here and so modestly, but for the fulfillment of various tasks that space is expanding. For example, x16 GB can be obtained if 32 to invite friends to Dropbox (500 MB for the other). Even a half-gigabyte service you provide for the inclusion of a startup Smartphone’s camera.


Tariff grid from Dropbox is simple, although with its intricacies. So, if you want to pay each month, it will cost you 17% more expensive than when the money is deducted each year (as it is known, cheaper by the Dozen).


But Dropbox also offers services to corporate clients. Roughly speaking, it provides a remote server to store company files. Among the Dropbox client appear even big companies and National Geographic.


The mobile client is available for download Dropbox for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle tablet and smart phones, as well as Blackberry. Version for Windows Phone is missing. Desktop applications have for all platforms, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

How to Make the Interior Like you hired a Professional Designer?

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The work of talented interior designers deserves great respect. It takes a lot of effort and time to make the space a fabulously beautiful and functional at the same time. However, not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer. If so, then in any case, nobody forbids receiving inspiration from the finished interior design projects, partly to copy them and make their own changes to the taste.


Let’s look at a couple of tips that will help even the layman to design the space as it would have made a professional. Follow these rules, and soon friends will ask you for your designer’s phone number:



Magazines and websites are full of design inspiration



Start collecting ideas. On popular resources devoted to the interior, as well as in print media published a lot of finishes in different styles.


Recommended for beginning to collect own folder of interest projects that can then be examine in more detail, and select one of them as a basis. Some items you can move from one design to another project – thus be able to make it unique.



Color Schemes: Use three colors or shades



So you’ve got your own idea of a preferred style, you need to choose a color scheme. It’s quite a stringent requirement to the project, because the color will create a certain mood in the room. Look at the projects inspire you – what colors dominate them? This is your subconscious choice.


We will not recommend any particular range, but recommend using a mixture of 3 colors or 3 shades of one color. One – the main color for the walls, another approach to focus on upholstered furniture, and the third will become dominant in small accessories like pillows, lamps, dishes.


Remember that the color and lighting tightly connected to each other. In order to better reveal all the shades in the room, allow you to let in more natural light into the house. This can be achieved through the installation of windows, occupying all the space from floor to ceiling.



Add texture to your home



Texture is just as important, especially if you choose a scheme with shades of one color. Thus space remains in the whole range of colors, and at the same time will be appreciably diversity is manifested by various surfaces and fabrics.


Consider textiles that suit your pace of life. If you have growing children and active hobbies, it is not desirable to have light cotton upholstery on the couch, and the darker the skin or mohair. If you crave luxury, you should consider the use of silk draperies and pillows.


Regardless of the style, try to add a wide variety of textures, buying numerous textile products for interior decoration



How to choose furniture



Most common mistake by anyone is an abundance of a plurality of objects on high legs in the same room. This will only clutter the room and make a dissonance. Instead, try to mix different furniture options.


For example, it will look good a massive sofa along with a pair of low chairs and a few more long legged bar banquettes. This is just one possible example, giving an understanding of how the mix of styles and sizes of furniture. So the room looks balanced not too bulky and not cluttered with high objects.


Most Architectural companies in dubai designers recommend placing even in a small room a large closet. A mixture of large and small forms is for a successful design. This also works well with accessories.



Use decorative bowls, trays and baskets



For a compact and orderly storage detail design pros like to use decorative dishes, trays stylish, and often – a basket. For a hint of glamour, try to put a luxurious gold tray on the coffee table, ottoman or nightstand. On the mantel or wall shelf, place the original carved candle, several volumes of fiction and a small bowl full of colored stones. This will make the design complete, thoughtful.


If you like the rustic style, not shy use a variety of wicker baskets – these miniature tools can not only decorate the room, but also hide a lot of flaws. And do not be afraid to use decorations in different parts of the house. Sufficiently large decorative capacity will allow have ordinary objects (for example, perfumes, cosmetics and other toiletries) created a beautiful composition.



Add flowers in every room



In the final interior design look back and look at your house – do you see enough to plant it? We hope so.


Adding flower bouquets, potted plants and other natural elements, such as beautiful vases made of stone will add a final touch to your decor. It is this technique makes the interior design, complete. However, avoid the artificial products that simulate vegetation. After all, today there are many tools for easy care with fresh flowers. Or use dry twigs, stalks, stems, flowers and feathers, placing them in large containers. By the way, they do not require any manipulation except for the periodic disposal of the dust.


How to understand, could you take into account all the details or not? In this question will help the photo. Take a few pictures and look at them carefully. So you can see where you missed something important, and where it is necessary to unload space. We hope that these small tips will help you find your dream home.

How to Find your Style of Dress

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Appearance – is the key to success and prosperity. Especially important is the style for women. It reflects its character and flavor.


Turn to the stylist


Unfortunately, not every woman can choose her hair, clothes, makeup, accessories, so that it all happened in a single complete image. Many are very difficult to find their own style. Some women have an innate sense of taste and style. Of course, if funds allow, we can seek the assistance of a stylist who will help choose the appropriate image, learn to feel comfortable in a new way.


Find your own style


But not everyone can afford stylists services. In this case, we will have to find an answer to the question of how to choose our style the most time. First you need to determine which direction the closest and most accurately reflects your inner world. This may be a classic, sporty style, unisex style, elegant or romantic style. It is not necessary to choose such complicated styles as, for example, ethnic, because for a person who is just starting to experiment with the creation of his image, this and similar styles will be difficult. We need to think how comfortable will be the clothing chosen style. You also need to take into account their age. This, of course, does not mean that it is necessary to wear only dark colors shapeless things in 40 years. But youth and wear T-shirts with bright pictures also not worth it.




Once the selection is made the style of clothing, you can safely go for shopping. Well bring your girlfriend. It will assess how to sit one or another thing on the side will give good advice. Only it should be exactly the friend whose taste you can trust.


Fashion magazines and programs are


A good idea is to regularly review fashion magazines(e.g. vogue). They often are articles on the topic of fashion, and there are various headings, where the examples of celebrities, considered how to dress stylishly, but as tasteless. Useful looking magazines and the TV itself to celebrate, dressed as a celebrity. Their images are generally thought stylists, and therefore different completeness and correctness. You can try to copy the image of a star and can learn from them how to select accessories or combine things.


Base your wardrobe


To begin the formation of a new wardrobe it is to be the collection of basic things. There may be two – three things must be considered by custom clothing manufactures. These things must clearly represent the selected style, as well as successfully combined with each other and with other things that are already there. For basic things matched accessories. At the same time we must remember one simple rule. If the selected base is bright or subdued tones accessories should be bright. They will help to accentuate and draw attention. If the selected items are complex in cut, monochromatic, the accessories should be modest and should be a little bit. Once the basic package is made, you can proceed with the purchase of other things. But every time you select a new element of the wardrobe need to think of how this thing will be combined with existing objects. Select this need clothes that fit into the overall style. It is combined with other things, and complements the wardrobe. Of course, you need to choose something new, and not another turtleneck or third pair of jeans. It is also important that the selected items fit on the figure.

How Safe Contact Lenses for Schoolhildren

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Contact lenses were first made of airtight and rigid materials. Over time, advances in technology made it possible to make a more comfortable, breathable model; they can be worn for a long time, without fear of complications to the eyes. Today it is a soft product, which is easy to get used to, both adults and children. With the advent of silicone hydro gel lens material for the eye have become very practical and healthy.


Advantages of contact lenses for children


We all remember that in school, all the children wearing glasses, which is called four-eyes, this trend, though not as strong in the current days, but still leaves a trace in the psyche of the child. Experts recommend a very serious approach to the issue of conservation. To select contact lenses can be no earlier than 10 years, but in any case not before the time when the child will be able to care for them.


One of the most important aspects of using this lens is disinfecting them with repeated use. One of the best means for disinfection of contact lenses can be purchased at the store medical equipment. According to reviews, sharingan contacts lenses free express is one of the best new generations of disinfectants.


Students of senior classes gladly pass on contact lenses, it is easy to get used to it quickly and learn to use them. For proper training in the use of contact lenses must be handled by qualified opticians. After that, the children under the supervision of their parents begin to successfully use the lens to the eye in the long run. It is no secret that students participate in recreational activities, attend sports and dance clubs, so it is more convenient to use lenses instead of glasses.


In addition, adolescents among their peers do not always feel comfortable wearing glasses, and instead to correct eyesight, many of them leave the house points. A blurry vision can be a source of danger for the child. For a complete reading comprehension and effective learning for children is necessary to ensure good binocular vision children, so expert’s advice to use contact lenses. They provide clear vision without the negative perceptions of the exterior, which are associated with a child wearing glasses.


According to research scientists the special design of the latest contact lenses helps to effectively use the peripheral vision, which slows down the development of myopia. Today the leading institutes of the correction lens are used as an important strategy to get rid of myopia. In this direction, not only conducting research but also carried out further development of technology of production of the optics. Choose and purchase the lenses can be specializing in the sale of optical centers. It is very important during the initial selection of contact lenses to turn to qualified professionals who will help them choose the right, teach the rules of use, and help to correct vision.


Today, for the manufacture of lenses used an excellent breathable material made of silicone hydro gel, which provides full comfort during use. Recently, a new generation of innovative lenses steel handle antimicrobial peptide which reduces the risk of ocular infections, but unfortunately it is not yet available a wide range of users.


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The technology of cloud computing are existing visualization, clustering, balancing, secure access, automatic installation and configuration of applications. Only the combined use of these technologies provides a cloud service work.


To name a cloud system, it must meet several specifications. First of all, it should automatically change the volume of the service at the client’s request. Access to these services should be organized through standard Internet protocols. From the viewpoint of data centers, services must be arranged so that the same equipment could be the basis for providing services to different clients. The cost of such a service should be much lower than the cost of a similar service on dedicated equipment (traditional technologies).


cloud-computing-security-challenges-for-defense-forces-10-728Accepted provide several models of cloud services: of SaaS, the PaaS and the IaaS. The first model of SaaS cloud application as a service. It is organized in such a way that the client gets access to the applications, which are in the cloud. Where and what equipment is done the client can not know the application. The second type of cloud services – platform as a service, the PaaS. The client can set up and develop their applications on the platform provided. The client controls the application that has partial control over the platform, but does not control the infrastructure. The third model of cloud is infrastructure as a service, the IaaS. The client is given a virtual architecture, consisting of servers, workstations and network equipment, where the client can deploy their own operating systems, databases and applications.


There are several options for the introduction of clouds: public cloud, private cloud, the overall cloud and hybrid cloud. Options vary in terms of the ownership of technologies, which has access to the infrastructure. The first option – the public cloud, where access has anyone, often over the Internet, the infrastructure belongs to the organization that created this cloud. Private clouds: the cloud that are created mainly for the same organization. Infrastructure can be controlled by the organization and the service provider, which provides its services. The infrastructure may be owned by, or be rented. Implementation variant called common cloud when the infrastructure is owned by several organizations that have joined together to achieve a goal. Infrastructure can be managed by the organizations or a dedicated service provider. Hybrid cloud: the introduction of an option, which uses a combination of two or more clouds with different implementation models, united by a common technology or standard.


Selecting implementation must take into account the balance between risk and cost. In terms of ddos reviews, risk to the customer, the risks are the smallest in the case of public cloud, as security issues are handled by a separate organization, which organized the cloud. In this case, the client has lower costs, because when renting the application client does not have to think about the support infrastructure and application development. The most expensive but also the most controlled approach when rented is infrastructure as a service. In this case, the client has the greatest number of opportunities for the implementation of the services that he needs, but also the risks in this case are big enough, since the client has to take care of the security of the entire infrastructure.


When using the cloud service from the client to the service provider raises a number of issues related to information security, for which the provider is not yet ready to fully answer. For example, what will be the extent of the damage in the event of disruption of service as investigate security incidents, whether the data is securely deleted, where data will be stored, how to meet the requirements of regulators, etc.


Provider of cloud services need to address several issues related to information security: how to convince the customer that its data security, the extent to which customers trust as restrict access between clients in the cloud, as the cloud infrastructure to protect and from whom, etc.


When using cloud services have its pros and cons in terms of information security. The advantages of mono include: a reduction in the information security costs, the transfer of the risk to the provider. Cons: it is not clear what to expect from the new technology, information leakage can lead to the great detriment of the client company, the question of trust in the service providers.

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